Sister Sites

Auto Restorer is the online home of Auto Restorer magazine, the how-to newsletter on auto and truck restoration. The website serves as a forum for restoration enthusiasts to interact, plus keeps users up-to-date with restoration events and what’s coming down the road for Auto Restorer articles and columns.

Motorcycle Consumer News

Motorcycle Consumer News is the online home of Motorcycle Consumer News magazine, the voice of discerning motorcyclists around the world. The website serves as a forum for motorcycle riding enthusiasts to interact, plus keeps users up-to-date on the latest new motorcycles, motorcycle-related products and events.

Dogs in Review

Dogs in Review

For and about the world of AKC conformation show dogs, Dogs in is the online presence for Dogs In Review magazine. Dogs In Review is for serious dog fanciers: breeders, handlers, judges, conformation competitors and anyone aspiring to that level of participation. Its high-quality editorial content covering the sport from the past through the present, along with its global perspective and inclusion of dog-show activities worldwide, make it unique among American dog-show periodicals and websites.

Hobby Farms

The online home for Hobby Farms and Hobby Farms Home magazines covers all aspects of rural life -- from small farm equipment, to livestock, to crops. also highlights farmhouse activities, such as cooking, crafting, collecting, pet care and home arts and skills. This online community of rural enthusiasts – hobby farmers, small production farmers and those passionate about country living – swap recommendations, ask and answer each others’ questions and share their passion for rural life.

Urban Farm

The online home of Urban Farm magazine, promotes self sustainability and provides the tools to do it on any size property. Those in the city and suburbs who want to raise small livestock, grow food for themselves, support local ag and live more sustainably make up this online community. They share stories, ask and answer each others’ questions, share photos and tips. is the one-stop website for the information, photos and videos and more on sustainable living.

Pet Product News International is the go-to site for pet specialty business’ product, news and information needs. If it’s pet-industry related, visitors will find it here. The website’s print component is Pet Product News International magazine.

Veterinary Practice News

For veterinarians and veterinary support staff, offers comprehensive and timely coverage of industry news and products, successful veterinary practices and practitioners, issues, trends and events. The website covers new profit centers and best practices, plus serves as an open forum for discussing all this information plus controversial topics. The website’s print component is Veterinary Practice News magazine.

Young Rider

The online home of Young Rider magazine, Young provides essential information about equine health, nutrition, grooming and all aspects of horse care, plus English and western training solutions, breed profiles and more. Its online forums allow young horse and riding enthusiasts to talk to each other, exchange ideas, plus ask and answer questions.